The Daily Digest: 11-3-08

The candidates will campaign furiously in the last hours before the polls open. Meanwhile, campaign volunteers are working to get their supporters to the polls.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman, DFLer Al Franken and I-P candidate Dean Barkley met in their final debate last night. Coleman and Franken argued over a Texas lawsuit that alleges a businessman funneled money to Coleman. Barkley called it a fitting end to the race. They then got on to the issues. MPR, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune, Fox9, Forum Communications, AP and ECM have stories.

KSTP releases the latest Survey USA poll that shows Coleman with a small lead over Franken.

The Pi Press fact checks the debate.

AP takes a look at where the candidates go from here.

Will there be a Sinatra effect? New York Senator Hillary Clinton and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will campaign in Minnesota on behalf of Franken and Coleman.

Minnesota Brown takes a look at the precincts to watch on the Iron Range.

The New York Times says Republicans are scrambling to save seats. Coleman is mentioned.

The conservative 527 Americans for Job Security shells out $983 thousand in ads against Franken.

Franken releases an ad to counter Coleman’s ad that counters the DSCC’s ad which talks about the lawsuit which mentions Coleman’s name.

Meanwhile, the Coleman campaign releases the two minute ad I reported about earlier. It airs statewide at 6:58 tonight.

2008 Race for President

John McCain and Barack Obama will hit ten states on the last day of campaigning.

The KSTP poll has Obama with a three point lead but 538 calls it an outlier (we’ll see if 538 is reliable as supporters claim, won’t we?).

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz told the BBC that he can’t conceive of a way that John McCain can win.

McCain returns to New Hampshire.

Obama rocks out with Bruce.

The Star Tribune says the campaign changes the fundraising playbook.

ESPN takes a look at the Redskins theory (which isn’t always reliable). It mentions Pawlenty.


A group calls for an investigation of Minnesota’s voter rolls.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie predicts smooth sailing on Election Day.

Race for Congress

The KSTP/Survey USA poll also shows Republican Erik Paulsen with a close lead over DFLer Ashwin Madia in the 3rd and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann with a small lead over DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg.

The candidates in the 6th and 3rd make their final push.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution says the 6th (and the Senate race) are races to watch.

Outdoors Amendment

A new poll shows that the ballot initiative could be close.


300 Duluth based troops are headed to Iraq.

AP writes about the renewed focus on passenger trains. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

State Government

Sonia Pitt speaks.

Leaders ponder the NWA/Delta merger.

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