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  • Angela DNN

    Did anyone see Sarah Pahlin on Saturday Night Live


    What was that? She must be insane.

    Republican’s and Democrats show low moral for her presentation.

    With her there, it was obvious that after yes, their confession that Sarah Pahlin reviewed the political satire before it aired on SNL. It was apparent that Sarah Pahlin had influenced the content.

    The curtain part of the show when SNL did a take on Bush was kind of smart. Unfortunately the actor absolutely sucked. Bush talks down to people, treats people with utter disregard along with Cheny. And Bush is close to being an absolute idiot. McCain voted for Bush 90% of the time. How can this even be a tight race?

    Taxes you ask?

    You know who ever wins this election, the problem is the government always gets in. Pun intended. 😉

    Obama and Biden plan to cut taxes for 95% of Amercian’s — How can this even be a tight race?

    Because I am a scientist, I know that McCain was given a score of 0 from the League of Conservation Voters. He is all talk and no walk on his record with the environment. Barak/Biden on the other hand have been walking hand and hand. Regarding the environment, public health and energy policies; McCain and Palin are out of touch with the scientific facts and make irratic power decisions. Nuclear power and drilling for oil need to be done with discretion if at all. With coral reefs bleaching and the tropical fish dying with them, and with Whales being tested as 75% toxic by EPA standards, with air pollutants and particles in the air and soil, we need to be more progressive and solution orientated on environmental problems.

    Go Barak/Biden! Go Al Franken!

    Whatever to the rest of ya.