Pawlenty on MSNBC tonight

I’m told Gov. Pawlenty will appear on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show tonight to talk about the election.

  • Angela DNN

    Why are Republican’s getting their way and trying to control the media with threats? Listening and watching Sarah Pahlin and the SNL show, was not a good experience. I hope if Pawlenty is on tonight that he shows compassion for the Democratic party not disdain or hasty disregard.

    Just a suggestion, if I may, Governor Pawlenty needs to remember that his family is from the Democratic party. And most of his family vote Democratic because of issues like tolerance and the Democrats leadership in well balanced decision making. It would be nice to hear Pawlenty go across party lines tonight and endorse both Barak and McCain rather than bad mouth anyone. Pawlenty needs to understand and hopefully communicate that Barak Obama’s health care plan is far better than McCains, Barak Obama’s energy and environmental health plan far more wise than McCain’s.

    I guess I want Pawlenty to be a Republican that does not draw political lines in this race, being that he is Republican Governor in a historically Democratic state; the state of Minnesota.

  • Another Chris

    Is he trying to make Kerri Miller jealous?