Pawlenty at low digits in 2012 GOP poll

Rasmussen Reports polled Republicans to see which candidates they would like to see run for President in 2012. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tops the list followed by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Gov. Pawlenty received 1% support in the poll.

The Weekly Standard writes about the poll here.

Meanwhile: The Fix continues to give Pawlenty plenty of smooches:

2. Tim Pawlenty: After being edged out in the veepstakes, T-Paw’s profile faded somewhat over the final few months of the presidential campaign. But, the reasons he was an attractive potential vice presidential pick — two-term governor of a swing state, up-from-the-bootstraps personal story, an economic populist by nature — also are those that make him an appealing blueprint for Republicans around the country to copy. Watch to see if Pawlenty emerges as a leading economic voice for the party over the coming months; if he does, expect him to be a candidate when 2012 rolls around.