NRA jumps in for Coleman

The National Rifle Association sent an alert to its supporters today asking them to help GOP Sen. Norm Coleman in the recount effort. The NRA (which endorsed Coleman) sent out this release:

One of the more important U.S. Senate races in the nation is headed to a recount.

In this race, the choice for gun owners could not be clearer, as U.S. Senator Norm Coleman is a true friend of the Second Amendment and needs to be returned to Washington.

As you can imagine, the recount process is a Herculean effort that requires volunteers to assist, and to monitor the process to ensure it is fair and accurate.

I know I asked you to help Senator Coleman by volunteering for his campaign and voting for him on Election Day. But now, I must ask you to take one last step by assisting with the Minnesota Senate recount.

The Coleman for Senate campaign is looking for attorneys and non-attorneys to help with monitoring the counting of ballots at each location and various duties as needed. The actual counting will be done by the county auditor and each campaign has the opportunity to have an individual(s) observe to ensure the integrity of the process. Both Minnesota residents and non-residents are welcome to volunteer.

The recount process is expected to last approximately 20 working days. Volunteers are being asked to work a two-week commitment, Monday-Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The specific shifts are:

Monday, November 17 – Saturday, November 29

(Note: Still awaiting a decision on whether or not counting will occur on Friday, November 28.)

Saturday, November 29 – Saturday, December 13

(Note: If the recount is completed prior to Friday, December 12 volunteers will depart earlier.)

If you are a Minnesota resident, and you are not able to commit to the full recount effort, you can volunteer to work around your schedule and the campaign will make every effort to place you in your home or neighboring county.

  • We can’t support someone like Coleman based on one issue alone. The man is a spineless, lying politician who supports the status quo like the illegal war in Iraq, the bogus Federal Reserve. In a nutshell, he is a Bush yes man and deserves to lose his seat in congress.

  • Mark

    That’s what votes are for. Lets just make sure they’re counted accurately and not give anyone reason to question the process.

  • mark

    Are you kidding? Coleman is the only choice in this race.

  • Tom

    The Second Amendment is the only true bedrock of foundation upon which all other rights in the Bill of Rights rest, including free speech, especially free political speech. What good is the vote if you can’t express an opinion about whom you believe deserves the vote? And, in that vein of reason, remember you will have no valid opinion about the vote, if you are disarmed but in turn, you are told who to vote for at gunpoint, by the very ones who want to keep you disarmed.

  • Creeks

    Coleman is a good man!

  • cmt

    Its laughable to me that a man like Frankin is even close enough to deserve a recount. However look at the crooks voters around the country have returned to office, such as Barney Frank and the crook from Alaska Sen. Stevens. What in gods name is wrong with American voters, that they would return these scum bags back to Washington.

  • Doc Remington Carlson

    I Have Been In The Fight To Defend and Protect The United States Constitution and The United States Bill Of Rights and ESPECIALLY The Second Amendment for over Thirty-Five(35)years.

    I would NEVER lie to you nor anyone.

    Al Frankin Is 110% a card carrying socialist.

    Is he any friend of The American Freedoms? NO!

    His backround proves it!!!!!!!

    Do your homework…….PLEASE!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!

    The Utlimate Safety of Your and Our FREEDOMS is in YOUR HANDS…….

    God Bless You.

    Very Respectfully Submitted,

    Doc Remington Carlson

  • They forgot to say, bring firearms with you to the recount or leave your guns at home? Don’t you hate it when politicians do not give sufficient instruction, as if expecting NRA affiliated individuals to figure things on their own?

  • Jeff R

    Al Franken is an Marxist plain and simple.

    I would be ashamed to have such a man represent this state. It is important to note that Norm Coleman worked in bi partisan manner on many occassions to pass contructive legislation, Franken would do no such thing. Franken can be expected to roll over and vote along party lines on any issue, the more far left, the better for Franken.

    Obama, George Soros puppet, will have executive control and the same international socialist interests will control congress. We need some kind of fire wall in congress, Coleman needs to be part of that fire wall.

    It seems the American voter cannot take the ipod’s out of their ears long enough to see past the end of their collective nose, and history teaches us all to often; people don’t understand what they lost until its gone.

  • Zig

    My commen is for the wimp who calls himself “Dave”.

    Your comment is pathetic. Thanks for providing a good example of typical liberal hate rant (that might qualify as a stupid baseless opinion) with no facts to back it up.

    You are spinelss. Keep on supporting your amoral socialist pornographer candidate Franken. Your ideals and morals match his.

    I would like to meet you someday. You better have a few ACORN workers with you when we do.

  • Tom Johnson

    The only true friend to Coleman is the dollar bill and his little prositutes his old man and him love so much. The NRA is pathetic. They were supposed to be a bipartisan organization and all they have done is sell their souls to corporate America.

  • David

    Dear MR. Tom Johnson, first please learn how to spell and put a sentence together so we can understand you. And, as expected your stupid rant has shown a statement that has no basis in fact and little in the way of intelligence. Please try to educate yourself before going on the record again so you won’t look like a liberal fool. NRA LIFE MEMBER, DAVID.

  • Diana

    This requires assistance from the NRA? Really?