Canine counsel!

jack  Ranuccio.jpg

DFL State Sen. David Tomassoni has sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama to offer some advice regarding the First Dog. Tomassoni said in the letter that he, like Obama’s daughter, has pet hair allergies. Tomassoni suggested that Obama adopt a Shih Tzu as their family pet. The Tomassoni family has two Shih Tzus in their home, Ranuccio and Captain Jack Sparrow (photo above).

“Shih Tzus are adorable, lovable cuddly puppies that are great with kids, have their own personalities and are very low maintenance. Remember, little dogs are little problems,” Tomassoni wrote.

Tomassoni also said the dog could improve the nation’s relationship with China.

  • Matthew

    Everyone knows that the best hypo-allergenic and no shed dog is a wheaton terrier! Cute too!

  • Lindsey

    Do you think Barack Obama is surprised that this has become the new national past time? Bob Collins didn’t help matters much when he posted that incredibly cute and DISTRACTING live feed of puppies. Forget that the economy is in the tank. We are a nation overcome with puppies.