Troubling times….

We’ve reported on how some of John McCain’s supporters were expressing anger and hostility towards Barack Obama.

There have also been complaints by the GOP that the hostility is just as fierce by Barack Obama’s supporters. The anger may not be directed at John McCain so much but it’s clear it’s directed at Sarah Palin.

Visit this site to see how her experience, record and life history are being mocked.

Whoever wins this election is going to be taking over a country that faces some tough challenges. It’s also clear that some voters are going to be very, very angry with the outcome.


    Taxpayers deserve independent representation with teeth. NOT suppliant gofers taking orders from special interests.


  • Bill Prendergast

    I did visit that Palin parody site you linked to. That’s the sort of sense of humor you’d expect to find in an anti-Palin political cartoon.

    I don’t know how Polinaut gets off comparing that kind of thing, to people at McCain/Palin events calling Obama a traitor and terrorist. The Palin link you pointed to is par for the course in election year political humor; people yelling at GOP events about Obama being killed–is not.

    It seems pretty clear to me that one kind of political activity is innocuous and normal, the other kind of political activity is not. I can’t remember a time when it was acceptable for candidate supporters to call for the opponent’s death; to call an American senator a terrorist. That’s climate of hatred stuff; that can lead to assassinations.

    I wish McCain and Palin would repudiate the people who shout “traitor” and “treason” at their rallies–on the spot, when it happens. McCain has said he knows Obama’s not a traitor and that Americans having nothing to fear from an Obama presidency; why does he allow the climate of hatred to continue at GOP events? If they can’t or won’t repudiate this stuff, then McCain and Palin aren’t Republicans leading their party, they’re politicians courting haters.

  • Karl

    Bill’s comment is right on the mark. The day you start comparing a political satire website to ugly shouts at public rallies of “Kill him,” “Off with his head,” and “Terrorist” is the day I start putting Polinaut in the same category as Minnesota Democrats Exposed. Really, Tom, you consider mocking on a website equal to the anger and hostility toward Obvama that we’ve seen at McCain and Palin rallies? Has the Secret Service investigated the anti-Palin website yet as they are doing with some of the potential threats shouted out at Palin’s rallies?

    Please tell us this post is just your own brand of political satire, Tom.

  • Doctor Gonzo

    False equivalence much?

    Yes, comparing shouts of “Kill him!”, “Traitor!”, and “Terrorist!” to a satirical, if overdone, website makes perfect sense. I can see how the anger is the same. Right.

    Besides, there is plenty of truth to that website. Anybody who believes the Earth is 6,000 years old and that humans walked around with dinosaurs is an idiot and deserves to be mocked.

    Anyway, if there was a similar website poking fun at Obama or Biden, I’d go to them too and probably laugh.