Tivo alert! Bachmann to appear on Sunday morning show

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will be on WCCO’s Sunday Morning show at 10 AM. Esme Murphy’s blog says Bachmann, GOP Sen. Norm Coleman and I-P Senate candidate Dean Barkley will be on her show.

How will Bachmann handle the events of the last 36 hours?

  • Bachmann’s only choice at this point is to apologize for her words. Failing to do that will continue the tidal wave of contributions flowing into her opponent’s campaign. Even so, she has set events into motion that are simply irreversible and likely to cement her departure from Congress.

  • karld

    Unfortunately an apology won’t cut it. There is absolutely no way she can save political face at this point.

    The only acceptable path is to resign immediately so the Republicans can try to promote a viable candidate.

    Failing that, she is doomed to defeat. As far as her future, probably Fox News will be the only option. They are the only employer who seems to have no problem hiring unethical incediary pundits.

    Her law degree from Oral Roberts won’t get her far, certainly no reputable law firm will hire her. And I would doubt that American taxpayers would allow her to go back on the government payroll as a tax lawyer.

    Perhaps she might redeem herself if she devoted herself to helping the impoverished. Maybe work in an AIDS hospice in Africa – that might teach her something about humility and kindness for the less fortunate. Or move to the inner city and work with the urban poor. Maybe ACORN could hire her to address legal concerns for impoverished Americans. Now that would truly show her to be “Pro-America.”

  • wzo

    I am saddened in Bachmann for her comments on MSNBC!! Dangerous views for a country and the world. What makes me sadder is that she received her education in Minnesota, that system produced her. This is absolutely unintelligent. Republicans should toss her out the party, she is not fit to be in any elected position.