The Daily Digest: 10-31-08

Republican Senator Norm Coleman will hold a news conference to address what the campaign calls “false and defamatory allegations” in a lawsuit filed in Texas. The suit alleges that a Coleman ally has funneled $75,000 to the Colemans. The Star Tribune, the Pi Press, The Huffington Post and Fox9 have stories.

The attorney in the case tells Harpers that Coleman didn’t do anything wrong but argues that they have documents to back up their claims.

The Minnesota Independent posts the entire legal complaint.

A new MPR/Humphrey Institute poll shows Franken with a small lead. But, a Mason Dixon poll has Coleman with a lead.

The Fix says Coleman will survive.

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for Franken and Barack Obama in Minneapolis. AP, MPR, the Star Tribune and the Pi Press have stories.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman sues Democrat Al Franken over the ads. The Star Tribune and AP have stories.

I-P candidate Dean Barkley releases his only TV ad. Here’s the ad. Barkley wouldn’t disclose the buy but you can see the details here.

Coleman campaigned in Bemidji and talked about the bailout.

Franken campaigns with DFL Rep. Tim Walz in Mankato.

Look True North gets some analysis on the differences between Franken and Coleman’s budget proposals.

MSNBC writes about the race.

6th District

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg spar in their final debate before Election Day. Here’s the audio. MPR, the Pi Press, the St. Cloud Times, ECM, Fox9, AP, KARE and WCCO have stories.

Bachmann blogs about $2/gallon gasoline and takes some credit for the low prices.

3rd District

The Star Tribune says Veterans issues remain potent in the Congressional races.

The NRCC scoffs at allegations that they doctored an ad.

The final debate focused on health care.

2nd District

GOP Sen. John Kline and DFLer Steve Sarvi debate the issues. Here’s the audio.

The Star Tribune has a story.

1st District

Republican Brian Davis will visit Worthington today.

KIMT says the race shows big differences.

2008 Race for President

There are reports suggesting that Barack Obama is seeking a White House Chief of Staff.

McCain goes on the offense in Florida.

Obama is predicting a significant recession.

A new poll shows that GOP VP Sarah Palin is hurting McCain.

Gov. Pawlenty will campaign for McCain in Kansas City, Missouri today.

Race for Legislature

DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and GOP House Minority Leader Marty Seifert will talk about the races on Midday today.

The Star Tribune takes a look at three races to watch.

Political Ad Watch

TV ad spending in the Twin Cities topped $48 million to date.

The Star Tribune takes a look at some of the lesser known groups buying ads and prefer to keep their contributors private.


Cox News Services begins the 2012 speculation and includes Gov. Pawlenty.


The New York Times says the mortgage plan will aid some and irk others.

Cities are paying more to borrow.

State Government

Changes to No Child Left Behind will affect the state.

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