The Daily Digest: 10-25-08

The Minnesota Senate candidates engaged in an often-feisty debate on Friday night. In a signal of how competitive the race is, GOP Sen. Norm Coleman, DFLer Al Franken and Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley went after each other. MPR, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune and AP have stories.

Forum Communications focuses on gun issues and that all of the candidates oppose a second stimulus package.

The Pi Press also fact checked the debate.

The final debate is Sunday, November 2nd at St. Paul’s Fitzgerald Theater.

The Political Animal and Forum Communications say the race is the most expensive in the nation by a long shot.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar says Democrats need a filibuster proof senate.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani stumps for Obama Coleman (sheesh, that would be news) in Rochester and Mankato.

Meanwhile, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback campaigned in Willmar for Coleman and John McCain.

The Washington Post says Franken has become a serious contender.

The Princeton Union Eagle profiles Barkley.

CNN says Republicans are growing increasingly nervous across the country.

2008 Race for Congress

A Minnesota Public Radio/Humphrey Institute poll shows the race in Minnesota’s 6th as a dead heat between DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg and Republican Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann tries to get past MSNBC flap by running a new ad saying “I may not always get my words right, but I know that my heart is right because my heart is for you, for your children and for the blessings of liberty to remain for our great country.” AP and the Pi Press have stories.

The Star Tribune says a flood of cash has started an ad war in the 6th.

The Prior Lake American profiles the 2nd.

The Jordan News has Q and A’s with GOP Rep. John Kline and DFL challenger Steve Sarvi.

The Rochester Post Bulletin says Kline and DFL Rep. Tim Walz are outspending their opponents.

The Winona Daily News says accusations fly between Walz and his GOP challenger Brian Davis.

The Rochester Post Bulletin profiles the 1st.


The St. Cloud State Survey has Barack Obama leading in a tight race. GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is leading the U.S. Senate race. The Pi Press and the Star Tribune have stories.

Race for President

Former PA Gov. Tom Ridge says “”Unless we win Pennsylvania, I don’t think [McCain] is elected president,”

Barack Obama returns to the trail today after visiting his grandmother.

The New York Times takes a look at Obama’s relationship with this grandmother.

The New York Times says Florida has also shifted when John McCain looked away.

The Christian right intensifies its attacks on Obama.

A new poll says race won’t be as big a factor as we originally thought.

The campaigns are spending lots of time in the Western states.

Ralph Nader will hold a rally at the University of Minnesota o Friday night.

2008 Other

Gov. Pawlenty is on Face the Nation on Sunday.

State Government

A judge rules against the contractors who did not get the 35W bridge contract.

State money does little for foreclosure relief.


DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar says federal employees owe $180 thousand in parking tickets in NYC and Washington DC.

  • peter hill

    Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani stumps for Obama in Rochester and Mankato.


  • Isabel Levinson

    You really meant that Guiliani stumps for McCain, not for Obama – right?

  • Ollie Ox

    Bachmann’s new ad? In her heart, she knows she’s right. The rest of us should use our heads.