The Daily Digest: 10-24-08

The fourth Senate debate is tonight at TPT’s studios in St. Paul. You can watch the debate on Almanac. It will also be posted online.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani touts GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s experience. They’ll continue campaigning today. MPR, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune, Forum Communications and AP have stories.

WCCO takes a look at Coleman’s take on Giuliani’s robocalls.

KARE says Big Apple surrogates star in MN.

Coleman addresses energy during a U of M forum.

WCCO profiles Franken.

The National Journal says Dems are dreaming of a filibuster proof majority.

The Fix moves the race up the line.

2008 Race for Congress

DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann are in a statistical dead heat in the KSTP/Survey USA poll. Here’s the KSTP story. Here’s the poll. The Star Tribune also has a story on the poll. MPR will release a different poll on the 6th this afternoon.

Stu Rothenberg says Bachmann is in the fight for her political life and may not survive politically.

Bloomberg says Bachmann’s remarks roiled GOP races across the country.

AP says GOP open seats are helping Democratic chances. The 3rd District is mentioned.

The Star Tribune takes a look at the races in the 2nd and the 4th.

Race for President

Former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson backs Barack Obama for president. AP, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune and MPR have stories.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar attends an Obama rally in St. Cloud.

Former Bush aide Scott McClellan backs Obama.

Candidate fundraising has dwindled in the final months of the campaign.

Obama arrives in Hawaii to visit his ailing grandmother.

Polls point to trouble for John McCain.

John McCain says Obama will say anything to win.

Republicans in North Carolina are running an ad saying don’t give Obama a blank check.

Black voters say issues have driven them to Obama.

The Star Tribune has a story on Jeff Larson.

The New York Times says the McCain campaign paid big money for a makeup artist for Sarah Palin.

2008 Race for Legislature

Budget issues dominate the debates in the Mankato area.


The Star Tribune looks at ACORN’s voter registration.

Black voters are surging to the polls in the South.


U.S. stocks head for a sharp decline. Asian and European markets are in a free fall.

Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan says he was wrong on regulation.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum attended the hearing and challenged the former Treasury Secretary on deregulation of the banking industry. She released a photo brought up a picture of the former Treasury Secretary with a chainsaw to a paper covered in red tape.

Outdoors and Arts Amendment

Opponents release a TV ad. The Star Tribune and AP have stories.

State Government

Gov. Pawlenty pushes some new education programs.

The state can begin using new graduation tests.

A Minnesota environmental group goes to court over the state’s ballast water rules.

MnDOT finally unweaves the weave.


President Bush will seek a diplomatic presence in Iran.


Happy Retirement Pat Flahaven. AP and the Pi Press have stories.

Finally Finally

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