The Daily Digest: 10-20-08

Democrat El Tinklenberg says he’s planning an advertising blitz in light of his recent cash infusion. Tinklenberg raised more than $600 thousand in the 48 hours after GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann questioned the views of Barack Obama and members of Congress.

Bachmann appeared on WCCO on Sunday morning. She addressed her comments regarding Obama but not the comments regarding an investigation of other members of Congress.

The Star Tribune says the 6th District race looks different.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann dials down her criticism of Barack Obama but doesn’t mention her proposed investigation of members of Congress. She argues that her comments were “misunderstood.”

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell called Bachmann’s comments “nonsense.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi campaigns for 3rd District DFLer Ashwin Madia in Bloomington today.

The Washington Post says Madia is a poster boy for Democratic hopes.

The Pi Press profiles Minnesota’s 1st District race between DFL Rep. Tim Walz and Republican Brian Davis.

2008 Race for President

The Star Tribune/Minnesota poll shows Barack Obama with an 11 point lead over John McCain.

Colin Powell endorses Obama for president. Obama says he’s humbled. Joe Biden, Obama’s running mate, said the endorsement should end the questions about his experience.

Rush Limbaugh rips Powell but Newt Gingrich is impressed.

Obama campaigns in GOP leaning areas.

He’s called a socialist and a Muslim during an appearance at Fayetteville, NC.

John McCain says he’s the guardian of the middle class.

GOP VP Sarah Palin’s SNL appearance gets huge ratings.

Mary Pawlenty continued to campaign in PA.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar spoke in Wisconsin.

2008 Race for Senate

A KSTP/Survey USA poll shows the Senate race in a dead heat. GOP Sen. Norm Coleman has small lead over DFLer Al Franken but it’s within MOE.

WCCO interviews GOP Sen. Norm Coleman.

I-P candidate Dean Barkley also sat down with WCCO.

RealClearPolitics says Franken has a slight advantage.

The Senate candidates square off in another debate on Friday.

AP asks “Is Norm Coleman partisan or independent?”

The Star Tribune has the second part of its profile of Al Franken.

Franken visited three Indian reservations.

Coleman campaigned in Forest Lake.

Bloomberg says Ventura haunts the Senate race.

2008 Other

The Pi Press and Star Tribune come out against the ballot initiative that would raise the sales tax increase for arts and the outdoors.


A top White House adviser says parts of the U.S. are in a recession.

The Delta Queen is planning a good-bye celebration. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

  • GD

    Rush Limbaugh isn’t fit to make any comment on a distinguished and accomplished person such as Colin Powell. Limbaugh, like most of his right wing commentator friends, is very afraid he’s going to be out of a job as his rants become more and more irrelevant. Colin Powell’s endorsement is not only a crucial validation of Barack Obama’s qualifications, and a severe blow to the underhanded McCain effort to associate Obama with “terrorism,” but it also covered the insidious nature of the Limbaugh-like suggestions made by Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann that anyone with views other than those they approve must be “anti-American.” Perhaps this election will finally give the nation the chance to put to rest the phoniness of the claim that Republicans have pretended to have on patriotism and being pro-American–as if that was their exclusive territory. The evidence suggests the opposite, that Republicans have repeatedly put self-interest and political expediency and greed ahead of the nation’s interests, and I’d call that pretty “anti-American” if I didn’t think such a term was not worth using at all, by anyone. Elect Obama for a brighter future for our nation.