The Daily Digest: 10-8-08

A new MPR/Humphrey Institute poll shows that GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s lead in the Senate race evaporated as the economy tumbled.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman won’t talk about whether a contributor bought him some suits. So it’s either maybe or yes since no would have made this go away quickly. Coleman was campaigning in northwest Minnesota.

Franken campaigns with DFL Rep. Betty McCollum (a one-time critic of McCollum) in St. Paul today. The two will talk social security. TV commercial next?

Franken proposed more student aid for college students during a stop in St. Cloud.

Focus on the Family plunges into the Senate race.

2008 Race for President

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain focused on the economy during their second debate. The Washington Post, the New York Times and MPR have stories.

MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post fact check the debate

McCain outlined a plan for the federal government to buy up federal mortgages to protect homeowners. The price tag: $300 billion.

AP says Obama’s money from abroad could amount to millions.

2008 Race for Congress

GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad says there are gutter politics in the 3rd. Republican candidate Erik Paulsen attends the event. What does Paulsen do right after the newser? Goes up with a negative ad!

DFLer El Tinklenberg rips GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann in this blog post. He said she put her political reputation before the public.

Forum Communications says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is campaigning as a reformer and DFL challenger is campaigning as a moderate. The news outlet also profiles the 6th.

2008 Other

Instant Runoff Voting heads to court.

ACORN offices in Nevada are raided for voter fraud. Serious concern or political stunt?


Central Banks world-wide cut rates in an emergency move.

The Fed moves to free up cash for businesses.

State Government

Gov. Pawlenty sizes up the business atmosphere during a stop in Red Wing.

  • I wonder if we’ll get a “yes” or a “no” out of Coleman today regarding his support for putting social security in the stock market.