Tinklenberg and Bachmann spend big in final days.

(NOTE I changed headline because one of Bachmann’s ads reportedly isn’t an apology. The other says her DFL challenger, El Tinklenberg, isn’t ready for Congress).

A source at one of the TV stations said Bachman bought another schedule of ads for the remainder of the election season. The source estimated the buy was $211 thousand for the entire market (that’s in addition to the ads she’s already bought). The source said Bachmann’s buyer also expressed interest in spending more money in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Bachmann’s DFL challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg, reportedly spent another $436 thousand in ads for the remaining 11 days. (Update: I forgot to mention that Tinklenberg’s campaign is reporting that it raised $1.45 million since last Friday).

The arms race in ad buying comes as two polls (MPR/Humphrey Institute and Survey USA) show the 6th District race to be a dead heat.

It isn’t an apology ad.

Politico is reporting that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has taped an apology ad. The news outlet says the ad will run this afternoon.

Update: Bachmann’s campaign manager, Michelle Marston, just called back to say they’re putting two ads up tonight. When asked if the campaign is running an apology ad, she said “You’ll have to experience them and characterize them for yourself”. She would not comment further.

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