Picture time!

As the campaign draws closer, folks will be using their creativity to attract attention. Two members of MPR’s staff took some photos that should entertain. If you see anything creative, get a lit piece or a fundraising alert send them my way (tscheck@mpr.org). We may very well put the stuff on the blog.

Obama house4 blog.jpg

Minnesota Public Radio producer Jim Bickal took this picture on Snelling Ave. in St. Paul. It was across the street from Macalester College. He said the sign lights up at night.


MPR Reporter Tom Weber took this photo on Hwy. 169 near Princeton. GOP Rep. Sondra Erickson appears to be taking the “Drill, Baby, Drill” mantra to a whole new level.

  • rainman

    Sondra Erickson needs to go to…she is out of touch with her district, and even though I can’t vote her out, I have supported her opponent, Gail Kulick Jackson. It’s time for a Dem to represent Mille Lacs area that cares about all the citizens, not just the privileged few.

  • That Guy

    Right. The privileged few, like veterans and nursing home residents. But anyone with an ‘R’ by their name apparently only cares about the ‘privileged few’, regardless of their actual voting record.