Petters dough…

A spokesman for GOP Sen. Norm Coleman says Coleman will give the $1600 given to his campaign by indicted businessman Tom Petters to the Boys and Girls Club (see story here on Petters).

Governor Pawlenty will give the money back to Petters because he can’t give it to charity. Here’s the statement from campaign spokesman Trisha Hamm:

Pleased be advised that the Pawlenty for Governor Committee is returning contributions totaling $4,000 from 2002-present from Tom Petters. We considered making a charitable donation in lieu of returning the contributions to Mr. Petters, but Minnesota’s campaign finance laws do not allow campaign committees to make charitable contributions in excess of $50.

Our committee is very troubled by the allegations against Mr. Petters and believe this is the proper course of action.

The Minnesota Independent also reports that DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar, DFL candidate Elwyin Tinklenberg and DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar will also donate the money to charity.

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