NRCC hits Madia with a new ad

The National Republican Campaign Committee is out with a new ad criticizing 3rd District DFLer Ashwin Madia. You can watch it here.

Madia is running against GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen in Minnesota’s 3rd District. It’s the first ad that the NRCC is running on Paulsen’s behalf. Update (It looks like the NRCC is spending $395,250 on the ads.

By the way, it looks the like the NRCC will also send out campaign lit criticizing Madia. The NRCC reported to the FEC that it spent $22,540 on printing and postage targeting Madia.

  • bsimon

    Does the NRCC have the time, resources and/or inclination to rescue Rep Bachmann?

  • danbrome

    I wonder when Erik with condemn this ad too, as it intentionally misrepresents Ashwin’s tax policy.

    Let me explain…

    First, Madia has always said that he would let the Bush tax cuts expire ONLY for people making more than $250,000. As a result, the NRCC’s calculations are based on letting the Bush tax cuts expire for ALL Americans, which is NOT Ashwin’s position. (The video in the Paulsen attack ad was spliced to include only the language needed for the attack. Watching the entire video of the SD 42/43 Meeting on November 28, 2007 makes that crystal clear.)

    Second, the NRCC ad suggests that Ashwin’s tax plan will affect ALL Americans and small businesses. That is false. According to a September 2, 2008 article in the Wall Street Journal, 98.6% of small business owners make less than $250,000. Under Ashwin’s plan, these 98.6% will not see one penny of tax increases.

    Ashwin Madia has repeatedly said he condemns any ad that is inaccurate, no matter who produced it. Period.

    Is Erik brave enough to do the same?

    Madia: Fighting for Middle Class Families