No Obama visit to MN?

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story on how Barack Obama’s campaign is helping down the ticket Democrats. Here’s an interesting nugget for those hoping for another Obama visit to MN:

Some critical Senate races present Democratic leaders and Sen. Obama with a dilemma. Some of the tightest races are in states where the Democratic presidential nominee isn’t running well, such as Kentucky, Mississippi, Alaska and Georgia. In states like Oregon and Minnesota, Sen. Obama has all but won and can’t spare a visit to help out Democrats in tight Senate races. Sen. Obama could be particularly helpful in Minnesota, where Democrat Al Franken is battling incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and independent Dean Barkley.

“We would love Obama to come into the state, but we understand it’s not going to happen,” lamented a senior Franken campaign aide.

In contrast, Sen. Coleman announced on Oct. 10 that he wouldn’t appear that afternoon at a planned Minnesota rally with Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain. The Minnesota senator told reporters he needed to work that day on suspending his negative ads after he had said he was unilaterally dropping his attack advertising.

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