ENPR: McCain/Economy hurting Paulsen

The Evans Novak Political Report says the McCain/Economy contagion is hurting Republican House candidates (incumbents and challengers) and are hoping to stem the losses at no more than 12 seats. Despite that, ENPR says Republican Erik Paulsen can still win the race without help from the NRCC:

The ballast being tossed overboard includes open-seat candidates Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White in New Mexico and State Rep. Erik Paulsen in Minnesota, both with decent chances to retain GOP-held open seats. These candidates can win without NRCC money, but the committee’s retrenchment reveals a party running for cover with its tail between its legs.

Paulsen is running against DFLer Ashwin Madia and I-P candidate David Dillon in the race to replace GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad in Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.

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