Coleman calls for an end to negative calls and ads

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s campaign has released a statement saying he wanted an end to the negative ads and robocalls occurring in the state:

As he continued his Hope Express Tour in several cities today, Senator Norm Coleman called on the DNC, RNC, Al Franken, the DSCC, the NRSC and other organizations to stop negative attacks ads and phone calls. Coleman, who has ended negative ads by his campaign, issued the following statement:

“It’s time for all of these attacks to end. I pulled down my negative ads because I felt we need to keep the focus on the issues facing our nation. I call on Al Franken, the DNC, the RNC, the DSCC, the NRSC and any other organization engaged in negative attacks on any candidate to bring them to an immediate end. Minnesotans are sick and tired of this, and they want positive solutions for the future and for how we’re going to turn this country around. Enough is enough.”


The call come one day after DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez called on GOP Sen. Norm Coleman to denounce the negative robo-calling that has been occurring.

Question of the Day: Will Coleman’s plea make an impact?

UPDATE: Andy Barr, with Al Franken’s campaign, released this statement:

“Norm Coleman’s denunciation of these smear merchants rings incredibly hollow. He has paid this same firm nearly $2 million to run his political operation. He rents space from this firm. He lives in the firm’s office space in Washington, DC. The firm’s principal, Jeff Larson, is the treasurer of Coleman’s PAC and his closest political advisor. And Coleman’s campaign continues to employ FLS-Connect for exactly the same purpose the McCain campaign and the RNC do. It’s not enough to issue a press release — Norm Coleman should immediately fire FLS-Connect and cut his ties with Jeff Larson. If he doesn’t, his statement today will be nothing more than yet another empty and cynical political ploy.”

  • Yet Coleman still has no problem coordinating with the NRSC, the side he legally coordinates with. I hate to plug myself, but not many people are covering that story.