Bachmann says she regrets her comments

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann sat down with the St. Cloud Times editorial board today and said she regrets her comments on Hardball. You can watch the video here.

(Note – I took the embedded video out because the video and the sound kept playing whenever I refreshed the page).

Question of the Day: What do you think of Bachmann’s comments?

Meanwhile: Tinklenberg hits the airwaves with this ad.

  • DuANE

    Hopefully that is the last we see of Bachmann on national TV. Make no mistake what she said or denied, that’s what she believes and the the 6th district has the chance to make a bold move to get back into the mainstream of America values.

  • sad statement

    The Republican Party can really take pride in her. Hope she does not get re elected. She is denying, or should I say lying on her statements.

  • Lorraine Ely-Morrison

    A lot of us from all over the country (myself included) contributed to Tinklenberg’s campaign nearly immediately after seeing/hearing Bachmann on Hardball. Since I’m from Olympia, Washington, I had to look up what district she’s from, who her opponent is, etc. to make the donation.

    MY problem with Ms. Bachmann is not just that she called Obama “anti-America [sic]” but also that she called for “a penetrating [investigation & report] of ‘anti-America’ -ism of [her fellow] Congressmen!” Unbelievable! This kind of McCarthy-esque stuff has no place in our esteemed government, no matter HOW much one might periodically disagree with their policy positions. Absolutely outrageous.

  • katie

    I am really sick of right-wing nut cases like MS. Bachmann spreading fear and hatred in this county and calling into question other people’s patriotism when people refuse to kowtow to their fears, demands and way of seeing things. She knew damn well what she was saying…she was trained as an attorney.

    The G.O.P. has become a sorry state over the last 25 or so years. McCain and Palin just keep of fanning the flames of divisiveness and all their wingnut supporters are climbing out from underneath their rocks.

    Calling into question everyone’s patriotism or religious beliefs is just downright mean-spirited and meant to get people who disagree with their policies to shut up. It has to stop.

    Ms. Bachmann is another representative of the worst of the worst who have been running this country into the ground for far too many years. It’s time to vote all these people out of office.