Bachmann says she stepped into a trap

Speaking to a business group in St. Cloud today Michelle Bachmann said she stepped into a trap laid by MSNBC host Chris Matthews, and she regrets that she used his term “anti-American” to refer to Barack Obama’s views.

Thanks to MPR reporter Ambar Espinoza, here’s what Bachmann said:

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She also answered a few questions from reporters.

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Decide for yourself how what she says stacks up against the original interview.

  • sad statement

    I can’t believe you just try and Lie your way out of what you said! The honesty of video. You have no shame nor honor lady. You did not fall into a trap, you could’t keep your trap shut, that is your problem. I hope you lose the election and become a used car sale person, that would be a better job position with your Qualifications. Shame on you. Your statements make you a very scary person. Do your self a favor and listen to the video, the truth is there for everyone.

  • cal robertson

    Trap? I think not. Unless you mean the trap of demagogery. You are spreading shameful lies about a good Christian family man who epitomizes the American dream. This guy, rising from a disadvantaged background, took himself to the top of his class at Harvard Law and instead of grubbing for money like so many he returned to the community to help others. He’s steady and intelligent, eloquent and highly talented. You are a throwback to Joe McCarthy and all that is wrong with hatred of others who dare to be a little different from you. You ought to resign your seat and resolve to give up your lies. Pray for your soul, woman.

  • Jeff Barron

    To Cal Robertson:

    I couldn’t have said it better…your commentary completely nails it…Bravo for saying it better than I could.

  • derickson

    Now is not the time for the extremist views and personal attacks against our nation’s leaders, as Michele Bachmann recently did with her anti-American accusations on television, calling for a media investigation of members of Congress. Such unpatriotic lies were first exposed over 50 years ago during the McCarthy era, when innocent and loyal Americans were shamelessly attacked by self-righteous bigots.