Think Norm is trying to make this race about Franken?

When you first visit Norm Coleman’s campaign website it doesn’t say a word about the Republican incumbent. Instead, it features the latest ad questioning Franken’s temperment. You have to click on one of the entries to actually find out where Coleman stands on the issues. Coleman’s own name isn’t even on the front page.

UPDATE: A Coleman staffer just called to say Coleman’s name is on the page twice (he’s citing not Norm Coleman). He added that the page is “temporary.”

  • A sign of their desperation. Still kind of early in the race to be doing that, eh?

  • Winston Smith

    Franken has more baggage than Samsonite. So why not? Think of all the dumb things that Franken said on Air America Radio. They haven’t even go to them yet.

  • bsimon

    I see The Fix (wash post) has a new post up on the new anti-coleman ad by the DSCC. Its pretty harsh.