The Daily Digest: 9-15-2008

Officials will announce this morning when the 35w bridge will reopen.

A 35W bridge survivor is urging the state to take greater action on roads and bridges.

The Lafayette Bridge inspections begin today.

2008 Race for Senate

The Minnesota poll has GOP Sen. Norm Coleman with a slight lead over DFL challenger Al Franken.

Survey USA also has it close.

The Pi Press takes a look at the two candidates health plans.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman starts running an ad questioning Franken’s temperment.

Democrats, meanwhile, are demanding Coleman return oil money from a company that is implicated in a scandal.

I-P candidate Dean Barkley wants 6 debates.

Stu Rothenberg says Coleman has a narrow advantage in the race.

2008 Race for President

It’s safe to say that all eyes are on Wall Street today. The meltdown in the financial markets will dominate the campaign talking points this week.

Republican John McCain will campaign in Anoka County later this week. McCain and his VP nominee, Sarah Palin, have scheduled joint townhall meetings in battleground states.

The Minnesota poll says McCain closed the gap in Minnesota.

Survey USA also has it close.

Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan said the country can’t afford McCain’s tax plan.

Democrat Barack Obama raised $66 million last month.

Gov. Pawlenty will campaign for McCain (and himself?) in Iowa next weekend.


Defense Secretary Robert Gates sees a narrower focus of U.S. forces in Iraq.

Minnesota could lose federal health funding for the poor.

The FAA rushed a plane approval. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

Congress offsets $8 billion to offset a gas tax drop.

The federal courthouse reopens after $65 million in renovations.

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