The Daily Digest: 9-4-08

John McCain takes the stage tonight to accept the GOP nomination.

They officially nominated him last night.

The New York Times profiles John McCain.

Rudy Giuliani calls John McCain the right man for the times.

Will more people be concerned about the NFL opener than McCain’s speech?


The GOP nominee for VP, Sarah Palin, says she’s just your ordinary soccer mom. She goes on the offensive and rips Democrat Barack Obama. KARE, the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post have stories.

CBS fact checks Palin’s speech.

CNN says the barracuda shows her teeth.

Minnesota delegates are excited about Palin’s performance.

A CBS poll taken before Palin’s speech says most are unsure about Palin.

Here’s a potential concern for Palin lovers. A VP candidate is the campaign’s top surrogate. She can summon a cable interview or sit down interview at any time. The problem is she hasn’t answered any questions yet (except from People magazine) about her experience, trooper gate, ear marks, why she says she stood up against the bridge to nowhere but really backed it… The so-called pitbull with lipstick will have to answer those questions before she can go on the offensive.

Palin’s attorney asks for the trooper gate investigation shifted from the Legislature to a state board.

AP says the Alaska National Guard is facing a personnel crisis.

Palin’s church shuts down part of its site as scrutiny on Palin’s religion increases.


A new poll shows that Obama/Biden is leading McCain/Palin in Minnesota.

The RNC is funded mostly by corporations. Just like the DNC.

RNC delegates tour the 35W bridge.

A professional party crasher crashes the RNC event.


Ralph Nader is in town tonight. He wants to be included in the debates.


Police arrest 102 people after the Rage Against the Machine concert.

A man was arrested for plotting to set off bombs during the RNC.

Jailed protesters criticize the police.

Ramsey County hurries to process hundreds of arrestees.

2008 Race for Senate

MPR takes a look at GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s fundraisers during the convention.

Coleman say the parties need to work together when he addressed the convention. He also sharply criticized Obama.

MinnPost says DFL Rep. Betty McCollum is doing the slow burn over GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s speech.

The National Journal takes a look at the race.


DNC Chair Howard Dean holds a rally for change event at Augsburg College.

The Democrats reopen their war room.

Barack Obama blasts the GOP in an Ohio stop.


Gov. Pawlenty is scheduled to speak to the convention tonight.

Pawlenty opens up on his VP attempt. MPR, the Star Tribune, Forum Communications and AP have stories.

The Pi Press takes a look at why McCain picked Palin over Pawlenty.

He also spoke to the Maryland GOP.


The Senate will push a bipartisan drilling bill.

  • Robert Gauthier

    i was listening to the comments about Sen. McCain being a Walmart republican, then I went to the Federal election page to check contributions, they are right, One member of the of the walton family alone gave over 10M to republican candidates in the past few years. So he is a supporter of Walmart.