DCCC and Madia campaign jump on typo

Third District DFL congressional candidate Ashwin Madia’s communication director just forwarded along a press release ripping his Republican opponent for a typographical error.

The release from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pointed out that some versions of Erik Paulsen’s first television ad contain the misspelling “Rebublican.”

paulsen bub.jpg

The version of the ad with the misspelling is the one co-sponsored by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the counterpart to the DCCC. The version of the ad on Paulsen’s Web site contains no typos.

When pressed, the Madia campaign’s Dan Pollock acknowledged voters probably wouldn’t be making up their minds based on a spelling mistake.

  • MinnVoter

    Here’s the more interesting thing about Paulsen’s ad:

    He quoted a Strib article, but left out the part of the article that called him “impatient with opposition” and “not awfully good at being disagreed with.”

    It was headlined “Prediction: Conflict at the Capitol!”, and the prediction ended up being reality: with Paulsen in charge, the state government shut down.

    And now he thinks he can get something done in DC?!?!