Daily Digest: 9-12-08

2008 Race for U.S. Senate

A two second mistake could cost Sen. Norm Coleman a lot of money.

David Letterman endorses Al Franken — sort of.

The Daily Jewish Forward notes that no matter who wins, Minnesota will continue its tradition of electing Jewish senators to this seat.

2008 Race for President

After a day taken to reflect and remember 9/11, Sens. Obama and McCain appear at the ServiceNation Summit Forum.

The New York Times says Obama will provide sharper attacks and quicker response.

Sen. John McCain will appear on “The View” and “The Rachel Ray Show” today.

And Obama will be on Saturday Night Live tomorrow.

Gov. Sarah Palin has her first interview since being nominated as Vice President with ABC News.

Palin addresses her son’s Army unit’s deployment ceremony.

Palin’s administration is threatening to sue to stop a legistlative ethics probe.


Sen. Amy Klobuchar joins what is now known as the “Gang of 20.”

The Republicans in the “Gang of 20,” including Sen. Norm Coleman, are being called out for breaking an anti-tax pledge.

The House approves $8 billion rescue package for highway fund.

Democrats in the House accept off-shore drilling vote and hope for compromise.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar helps secure funding for the Duluth International Airport.

State Government

Gov. Tim Pawlenty outlines his Three E’s Initiative focusing on energy, education and the economy.

Winona County is asking the state to cover the cost of housing state prisoners in their local jail.


Mayor R.T. Rybak calls for a review of police actions in Minneapolis during the convention.

Bridges and Roads

Details for the I-35W bridge memorial are due on Monday.

The new I-35W bridge will feature a new safety feature known as Smartbridge technology.

The Crosstown/I-35W interchange will be closed starting today through the weekend.


Have a great weekend! Tom Scheck will be back on Monday.