GOP Sen. Norm Coleman, GOP Rep. John Kline, GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will raise money for Republican Erik Paulsen. Paulsen is running to replace Ramstad in Minnesota’s 3rd District. Here’s the letter: Please join: Representative Brad Finstad Representative Rod Hamilton Dave Ladd Jake Hamlin Lisa Frenette Honorary Co-Hosts: United States Read more

A new study finds that deadly car crashes increase on election day. The study’s authors say the findings, however, should not mean people should avoid the polls. They are calling for greater safety advocacy. Suggested campaign slogan: Click it and then pick my ticket!

We already posted the Senate debate schedule. Here’s what we have regarding the debates in each of the congressional districts: Minnesota’s 1st District (DFL Rep. Tim Walz, Republican Brian Davis and Independence Party candidate Gregory Mikkelson) Oct. 2, 2008 Rochester Chamber of Commerce Noon – 1:30pm Ramada Hotel, 1517 16th St SW Rochester, MN (NOTE: Read more