Pawlenty: No vetting

Governor Tim Pawlenty said today that no one from John McCain’s campaign is vetting him as a possible Vice-Presidential pick. Pawlenty said he did not talk about the possibility of being McCain’s running mate during McCain’s Thursday visit to the Twin Cities. He said the two talked privately about everything from sports, to politics and public policy to their family lives. McCain held a closed door fundraiser in Minneapolis and what he dubbed a town hall meeting in St. Paul while he was here. Pawlenty co-chairs McCain’s campaign for president and is widely mentioned as a possible running mate. But he downplayed the VP talk.

“Nobody has asked me for any information or to submit any information and I haven’t talked to Senator McCain about it nor anyone in his campaign about it.”

When asked if there was a possibility that he was being vetted without knowing it, Pawlenty said “I wouldn’t know that.”

McCain said on Thursday that Pawlenty is a future leader of the Republican party but would not comment on whom he’s considering as a possible running mate.

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