There will be blood…

Governor Pawlenty signed a bill today that would allow 16 year olds to give blood provided they have parental permission. The idea was created by 16 year old Joe Gibson from Blooming Prairie.

There were jokes that the young man aspired to be governor one day which prompted the Capitol Press corps to ask when he would run for governor. His “No comment” got plenty of laughs which prompted the governor’s communications director to jokingly shout “That’s all the time we have!”

The governor then said “I told him we were going to unveil the scandal that he’s actually thirty years old.” More laughter. KSTP’s Tom Hauser then shouted “And John McCain wants him to be his running mate.” Pawlenty’s responded with a smile “Get in line!”

Gibson says his first act will be to convince a bunch of his 16 year old friends to donate blood on July first. That’s the day of enactment for the law.

  • Good evening,

    I am frustrated that Gov. Crist has been in office for 2 years and is mentioned daily as a leading VP candidate, while Gov. Palin (Gov. for 2 years as well) is dismissed for not being experienced enough. Is it sexism or ignorance?

    Gov. Sarah Palin is respected by social and fiscal Conservatives, reformers and indy’s. The battle ground is shifting to the mid-west and Gov. Palin has the profile and geography to appeal to those voters. Palin has more executive experience than both Clinton and Obama, and Palin practices straight-talk! Her two years in the Governors office brings a long list of reforms to government and a 180 degree change in how politics is practiced in Alaska.

    One more note: In almost all of the head-to-head McCain-Obama polls, the number of undecided women doubles over a McCain-Clinton poll.