The Daily Digest 3-27-08

The political news today is led by Sen. Norm Coleman officially launching his re-election campaign. MPR’s story is here. The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press also have reports.

Coleman is spending the next few days touring the state trying to get as much local media attention as possible.


The body of a Minnesota contractor who was kidnapped in Iraq months ago has been found.

President Bush is scheduled to give a speech today promoting political and economic progress in Iraq.

It’s not clear what he will say about the increasing violence of the past few days.


It now looks like a decision on the Highway 23 bridge in St. Cloud is due next month. The St. Cloud Times has the story.

And the NTSB is standing by its decision not to hold a public hearing on the 35W bridge collapse. The Pioneer Press reports that the board says the cause of the disaster “appears clear.”

MnDOT’s acting commissioner had a lot to say on both topics in his appearance on Midday with me yesterday.


MPR has a story on the tug of war over the Health Care Access Fund.

The Star Tribune has another animals in the news story.


Chris Cillizza who writes the Fix at the Washington Post says Polinaut is one of the best political blogs in the state (along with MN Publius, Minnesota Campaign Report, MN Blue, and Politics in Minnesota).

I’d like to think that’s because of the fine job Mr. Scheck does on the blog. Or could it be… bribery?

You decide.

  • Bill Prendergast

    Congratulations on recognition from the Fix. Polinaut is the best Minnesota news roundup; Tom Scheck’s Daily Digest and its links are indispensable. (I allowed my paid subscription to Politics In Minnesota to lapse a year ago. too much stuff about lobbyists who want to see their name in print.)

    Viva the Daily Digest!