The Daily Digest 3-26-08

I’m filling in for Gary Eichten on Midday today, so this may be one of the quickest Daily Digests on record. (By the way, my guest is acting transportation commissioner Bob McFarlin, so listen in if you can)

As I mentioned yesterday, Sen. Norm Coleman officially kicks off his re-election effort today. Democrat Al Franken launched a preemptive strike yesterday with a “major speech” at a Capitol rally. Bottom line: Franken says Coleman is doing a poor job. The Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press and MPR have items and the AP takes a look at Coleman.


At the Capitol, the Senate tax committee is expected to release a tax bill today. House Democrats offered a peek at their budget fix.

The Star Tribune reports the big health care bill is in trouble.

And the sales tax is going up…at least in some counties. MPR’s Midmorning is doing an hour on it.


Things in Iraq are going from bad to worse.

Michele Bachmann is ready to take a stand. On light bulbs.

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