The Daily Digest: 3-6-08

The Minnesota House takes up the bonding bill today. DFL Rep. Alice Hausman, the Capital Investment Chair, was on TPT last night.

A new industry funded study found that workers exposed to a 3M chemical had higher death rates than other workers at the Cottage Grove plant.

Pool safety bill would require safer drains. The Star Tribune and the AP have stories.

The Mall of America makes another pitch for state aid.

Homeowners could get some breathing room on foreclosures. The Star Tribune, AP, MPR and the Pi Press have stories.

MDH tries to close the smoking ban loophole on theatrical events. AP, MPR, the Star Tribune and the Pi Press have stories.

Funding for a study looking into the rare cancer deaths of Iron Range miners is moving though committees.

Kessler reality checks the GOP gas tax ad.

Counties have to act fast to get the transit funds.

Pawlenty touts a new ethanol study in Washington DC.

A bill would give students HPV info.

A radiation center ban advances.

Minnesota School Superintendents say the funding system is broken. The Pi Press and the Star Tribune have stories.

Let’s play hockey.

A bill that would automatically update the voter rolls when people move is moving through the Legislature.

Counties are bracing for a heavy voter turnout this fall.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak says the city’s economy is strong in his state of the state. MPR and the Star Tribune have stories.


The House approves a bill on mental health parity. GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad was a co-author of the bill. The New York Times, the Star Tribune and AP have stories.

MinnPost says Ramstad won’t leave until the bill becomes law.

A top Iraq contractor skirts some U.S. taxes by moving overseas. GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is mentioned.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman makes this Politico story on celebrities.

Coleman and DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar push for more judges.

The Senate bans industry backed travel for the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Klobuchar is mentioned.

The St. Cloud Times says Congress considers funding to help colleges beef up security. GOP Rep. Michele Bachman voted against it.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar says he’ll try to push up funding for Hwy 371.

2008 Race for President

MPR and the the Pi Press say the pressure is mounting for Minnesota’s uncommitted superdelegates.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison (who supports Barack Obama) says the Clinton camp is taking advantage of Obama rumors.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

The American Spectator says Pawlenty is “the betting favorite.”

Fox9 wonders whether Pawlenty could be the one.

KARE wonders whether a running mate can run a state. Let’s see, he hasn’t been asked. And he hasn’t accepted since he wasn’t asked. Aren’t we getting a little bit ahead of ourselves?

This Scottish Paper says Pawlenty is the frontrunner.

Pawlenty even made MTV! But I bet his children are more impressed that he made UPI (or did I get those two mixed up?).

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