Pawlenty: Conservative movement needs fresh legs

Gov. Pawlenty appeared on AM 1280’s “The Final Word” on Saturday afternoon.

It was a wide ranging discussion, Pawlenty addressed the state budget (he won’t support taxes), the bonding bill (he won’t go any higher than $825 million and may line item veto or veto of a bill if it’s larger) and said this about MPR’s story on his recent out of state travel

“They laid out the fact in a reasonable way, although it was somewhat misleading on the impression that I’m not doing my duties. They had clocked accuately that I was out of Minnesota 25 days but almost all of the those days were weekends. My point is it doesn’t matter whether I’m at the volleyball tournament, like I am this weekend with my two daughters, or skiing or sitting on my couch with a channel changer. What I do with my weekends is up to me…”

(You can see MPR’s response to an earlier comment from the governor’s office here).

But the most fascinating aspect of the interview (which I’m told will be posted on Monday) was Pawlenty’s comments about the conservative movement. He said it needs some more energy and passion:

“We have to reenergize our conservative movement. We need some fresh legs as they say in sports. We got some people who have been great leaders and passionate leaders but we need to get some reinforcements in there because it feels to me a little tired. We got to reenergize it.”

Those comment reinforce the belief that Pawlenty’s comments after the veto override of the transportation bill, his recent radio ads, and the recent GOP tv ads are all geared to activating the base.

Other interesting notes:

Pawlenty’s first song on this Ipod when he worked out on Saturday morning was: AC/DC’s Who made Who?

The book he’s reading is: Don’t know much about history

The last book he finished: Caught in the Middle

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