Obama’s speech on race…

…is on MPR’s Midday this hour. You can also listen to it here.

  • tyler suter

    I think that what mr. Obama said about his former reverend – in regards to his being from a different generation/time – hit the nail on the head. The generation of Black Americans that grew up/lived through the civil rights movement did not have the ability to prosper in as their decendents do now and cannot be expected to see things the same. We must not throw mr. Obama into the generalization that all Black Americans hate America based on the statements made by prominent figures/leaders in the African American community, rather we should listen to what it is they are saying and try to understand where this seniment comes from. Only then can we come together as a people and move toward what it is that we all must acheive; I imagine it would be the same accross racial and social lines. Through this we must also learn that party lines and political candidates must not drive a wedge between us because we must pool our thoughts, no matter how counter intuitive it may seem, in order to find answers (because neither yours or my perception alone is reality).