NWA is lobbyin’ up

Northwest Airlines may be preparing for any backlash from a potential merger with Delta Airlines.

The Campaign Finance Board says Northwest hired some high powered lobbyists as well as some well known, former DFL lawmakers and people who served in the Pawlenty Administration.

Many of the lobbyists were hired in the month of February. The same time Governor Pawlenty and lawmakers were thinking about taking action to protect the state’s interest and threatening hearings.

Here’s the list of lobbyists:

Jeffrey N Davidman hired 12/3/2004 Served in Pawlenty Administration

Jenny R Glumack hired 2/12/2008 Served in Pawlenty Administration

Ronald A Jerich hired 1/16/1996 DFL lobbyist

Valerie Jerich hired 1/16/1996 DFL lobbyist

David H Johnson hired 2/8/2008 Former DFL State Senator

Douglas J Johnson hired 2/22/2008 Former Senate Tax Chair

Andrew Kozak hired 2/25/2008 DFL lobbyist – tight with DFL Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller

William P Luther hired 2/22/2008 Former DFL Congressman

Roger D Moe hired 2/25/2008 Former DFL Senate Majority Leader

Andrea Fischer Newman hired 2/12/2008 worked with NWA since 2001. Served in White House under Vice President George Bush

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