Huck and Romney ramp up VP talk

Republican Mitt Romney told Fox News earlier this week that he’d be “honored” to be John McCain’s running mate. Mike Huckabee said on NPR this morning that vice-president is a job no one wants but nobody ever turns down.

“I don’t think anybody ever turns that dowm. I always said that’s a job that nobody wants but nobody ever says no to…” He also added “It’s pretty rare that a person declines…”

It appears that some of the possible VP picks are being more aggressive about the second slot. Does Gov. Pawlenty do anything differently?

For those keeping score, McCain mused about the VP possibilities here.

  • David

    The truth of the matter is that none of us knows who is going to win the presidency. All we have on this post basically are people who have high hopes and who are trying to speculate based on imagined theories. The fact is that past political debate has little to do with the changes in the current debates because of to many unknown variables which leave people to fill in the blanks. When people place comments on a blog they usually have an internal agenda as to why they support a particular candidate and hate another.