GOP Backlash

Three House Republicans who voted to override Governor Pawlenty’s veto of the transportation bill have lost their bids for party endorsement. Party activists in House District 41A voted to endorse Keith Downey over incumbent Ron Erhardt. Downey garnered 123 votes on the first ballot to Erhardt’s 49 votes. Erhardt says he’ll either run in the GOP primary or as an independent.

In 41B, GOP delegates supported challenger Jan Schneider over incumbent Neil Peterson on the first ballot. Schneider got 92 votes to Peterson’s 37 votes. Peterson says he’ll run in the GOP primary.

Rep. Jim Abeler fared slightly better at his endorsing convention in House District 48B. Delegates didn’t back him but they didn’t back anyone else (no one challenged him). Abeler was two votes short of those needed for endorsement (He received 58% of the vote – 60% is needed). Abeler says he will continue to seek reelection.

There are three other Republicans in the Minnesota House who voted to override the veto of the transportation bill.

Party activists in Kathy Tingelstad’s, 49B-Andover, district have voted to postpone her endorsement. The endorsing conventions for Rod Hamilton, 22B-Mountain Lake, and Bud Heidgerken, 13A-Freeport, have not been scheduled.

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  • betty

    Thanks for providing this story.

    I am starving for news from the DFL side of the 30+ conventions yesterday. So many interesting occurrences and hot races. I’m especially interested to see US Senate delegate counts from the conventions.

  • Jim

    I was a delegate at 48B yesterday. It is a shame someone didn’t step up to challenge Abeler. He is an arrogant prick who tried to get a second vote on endorsement when there was no other candidate. He also addressed the convention at the end, appearing to say that he “forgave us for our sin” of voting against him. He said he would listen to us, but continue to “vote his conscience”. In other words, “screw you, I’ll vote how I want”. I haven’t heard anyone I know in Ramsey speak in favor of a new tax bill, except Dennis Berg and Natalie Steffen, and then it was to endorse “pork” for Anoka County. The state of MN has enough money, their priorities on spending are the issue. Jimmy boy has a conscience, but not enough of one to give him the guts to stick with Republican principles and take on the liberals on their worthless, wasteful spending.