The Top 10 Political Quotes of the year (Minnesota based)

Here they are. Thanks for everyone who made suggestions.

10) “What do you think about that?” – Idaho Senator Larry Craig after handing his business card to a MSP police officer after being arrested for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis bathroom

9) “Four words disgust us today, and those four words are `AFSCME endorsed Lori Swanson,” AFSCME Executive Director Eliot Seide at a news conference in the hallway outside Attorney General Lori Swanson’s Capitol office. Seide said Swanson pressured attorneys in her office against forming a union.

8) “Everything is on the table… I will be moving to consider and put on the table a gas tax increase,” Gov. Pawlenty on the “Almanac” news program in the days after the I-35W bridge collapse. .

7) “The depth of ineptitude at the top of MnDOT has got to stop. We need someone in there that is a professional, that knows engineering, that knows transportation. And that is not Carol Molnau.” DFL Senate Transportation Chair Steve Murphy on Transportation Commissioner Carol Molnau.

6) “We will never compromise safety. On the bridge we just had collapse my daughter drives that twice a day. If you really believe that any of us would compromise the safety of the motoring public you’re in the wrong place. Because we would not,” Lt. Gov. (and Transportation Commissioner) Carol Molnau at her first news conference after the bridge collapse.

5) “There is already agreement made. They are going to get half of Iraq and that is going to be a terrorist safe haven zone where they can go ahead and bring about more attacks in the Middle East,” GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann on what she said at the time was Iran’s secret plan to divide Iraq.

4) “As the water hole shrinks the animals start to look at each other differently,” GOP Rep. Marty Seifert on the fight for money in the waning days of the legislative session.

3) “I don’t know anyone who goes to a bar to get healthy,” DFL Rep. Tom Rukavina on the statewide smoking ban…

1) (tie) “You don’t celebrate paying off your credit cards by going out on a spending spree. You don’t celebrate getting out of Weight Watchers by going over to the all-you-can-eat buffet. So our message to the Legislature is: Push away from the table. Put your fork down,” Gov. Pawlenty on the appetite for more spending at the Legislature.

1) (tie) “A bridge in America just shouldn’t fall down,” DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar in the days following the 35W bridge collapse…

  • Bill Prendergast

    I can’t believe you guys went with the Bachmann quote where she made her crackpot conspiracy revelation:

    “There is already agreement made (with Iran to carve up Iraq. )They are going to get half of Iraq and that is going to be a terrorist safe haven zone where they can go ahead and bring about more attacks in the Middle East,”–Bachmann, Feb 2007

    …instead of the quote where the congresswoman revealed the depths of her profound ignorance about the Iraq war she unwaveringly supports:

    “They aren’t- this isn’t like Bosnia where you had enemies that had happen over millennia; these aren’t enemies for millennia.”–Freshman Congresswoman Michele Bachmann explains her take on the 1300 year old Sunni-Shi-ite split. — Bachmann, Feb 2007

    The quote you went with was an example of Bachmann’s penchant for relying on crackpot conspiracy views instead of credible mainstream sources of information. Fair enough; she does that.

    But the second quote is far more memorable. At the time Bachmann made the remark she’d long been an unquestioning supporter of the President’s war in Iraq. Minnesotans are now represented in Congress by an official who hadn’t even bothered to acquaint herself with the most basic facts about an on-going war after speaking authoritatively on the subject for years–and that second quote reveals that fact.