I’m sitting in Eden Prairie tonight at a seminar for pilots on regulations. It involves stupid laws that are out there.

One, which the seminar speaker claims is from Minnesota, says it’s illegal to cross the state border of Minnesota while driving with a duck on your head.

Is this true? If it is, does anyone know the origin of the law, the sponsoring lawmaker, and the year it was introduced?

Let’s get our best and brightest on this one.

  • OK! Figuring that I’m on the brighter side, I figured this one out…

    Minnesota Statute 97B.811 clearly states “From the opening day of the duck

    season through the Saturday nearest October 8, a person may not use a motorized decoy, or other

    motorized device designed to attract migratory waterfowl”

    So… whether one is crosing a border, or not… you cannot put a duck on your head during those times.

    Sorry duck hat fans!

  • Cabeza de Canard

    You know how elementary school teachers will get their classes to learn about the legislative process by convincing the legislature to pass a bill declaring the corn muffin to be the State Muffin? Well, we already have a State Muffin…