Convention preview

Just got out of a quick production meeting in advance of this weekend’s DFL convention in Rochester. We’re going to do pretty much the same thing online as we did with the GOP convention. That is, we’ll provide a live stream of the podium for the duration of the convention, starting at 10 a.m. on Friday…through the entire lengthy gubernatorial battle on Saturday, and the other constitutional offices on Sunday.

Gary Eichten and his band of merry political reporters will do Midday on Friday from Rochester. And they’ll be cut-ins through the day on Saturday. No radio coverage is planned on Sunday. A slight complicating factor is a pledge drive begins on Thursday. The radio stream will also be available online, so you’ll get a choice of what you want to listen to.

My job is concentrating on the online portion of things. I’m interested in whether you found any value in the live stream for the GOP confab?

  • I’m disappointed that there will be no radio coverage for Sunday since that’s when the endorsement for our next Secretary of State.

  • rew

    I listened to the live stream for a chunk of Thursday night (Senate) and pretty much all day on Friday. To be honest, I don’t know if it was the computer or the stream, but it seemed like every time they were about to close on a platform plank I started buffering, so I never was able to figure out what planks were added.

    Other than that, good fun. I would have liked to have been able to find an update on what all passed being added into the party platform, but none of the righty blogs seemed to be covering that.

  • Mike Mulcahy

    We will have an MPR reporter working at the convention on Sunday, we just won’t have live coverage. We will certainly have updates in regular newscasts.

  • Max

    If you’re looking for updates audio-style, check out

    I’m a delegate from Itasca county, and I’ll be posting via my cell phone from the floor each day.