Krinkie a no show

With only a few days to go before they’re whittled down to just one, the 6th District GOP candidates are “debating” on MPR’s Midday today.

Krinkie didn’t show.

Meanwhile, his campaign Web site is still down.

Kinda feels like the wheels are coming off.

(Update: The wheels are still on. A Krinkie e-mail newsletter update arrived today)

BTW, I was wrong in a response I posted yesterday. The Midday folks are not taking calls or allowing online folks to ask questions. I have no clue why.

I’ll try to get some of the answers posted to the individual candidate pages on Campaign 2006 at some point this afternoon. Hopefully.

Update 12:42 p.m. – It was pretty much of an hour of “me, too.” Here’s the highlights. They’re also on the individual candidate pages on Campaign 2006.

Energy: Esmay | Knoblach | Bachmann

Immigration: Knoblach | Bachmann| Esmay

Iraq: Bachmann | Esmay | Knoblach

Iran: Bachmann | Esmay | Knoblach

Tax system: Esmay | Bachmann |Knoblach

Medicare: Bachmann | Knoblach | Esmay

Tax cuts: Esmay | Knoblach | Bachmann

  • I wonder if they did not accept questions because of a request/demand from one of the campaigns. We have had Bachmann on our show a few times and each time her campaign says she will not accept questions.

    I know why she does not take questions: she cannot handle anything but softballs.

  • No, it appears they just felt with three candidates it would have been unmanageable. As it is, I found the issues to be relatively superficial and there wasn’t a lot of substance to the hour. It’s just one of the weaknesses of radio, I guess. But, personally, I like callers asking questions — they tend to surprise. There were no surprises in either the questions or the answers and nothing we didn’t already know came out of it, imho.

  • Personally I think Krinkie did the right thing by focusing on his job.

    Web servers do go down – so claiming the server being down, is a reflection on the Krinkie campaign is a cheap shot.

    Right now the campaigns need to focus on delegates – not media – and their time is better spent talking to delegates rather than media.

    Delegates are voting on Saturday…. Reporters don’t.

  • It was excellent news for Krinkie to get the endorsement of Craig Westover, the conservative columnist for the Pioneer Press. The reprint of that endorsement will be very valuable and will be a good thing to post on every delegates chair.

  • Bob Collins

    //Web servers do go down – so claiming the server being down, is a reflection on the Krinkie campaign is a cheap shot

    Well, sure, I know a little something about Web servers going down. But going down in the last days of the campaign without going back up IS not a good thing.

    I don’t recommend candidates focus on the media. I focus on them getting their message out. To suggest that Krinkie wasn’t focusing on the media when he skipped the debate to hold a — wiat for it — news conference to tout a tax plan, is, in my opinion, not correct.

    He just had a different media strategy. But he had one, Eva. He had one.

    We’ll find out Saturday whether it worked.

  • I guess one should not be surprised at how boring the Q&A was. No one tested the extremes of their positions…and Michele & Jim were afraid to have that done with us…hence the no-shows by them with us.

    We KNOW all 4 are “pro-defense” but how much is too much?

    We KNOW all 4 are “anti-tax” (sort of) but how deep is too deep for the cuts?

    THAT would have been a more compelling interview. But like I said, once the campaigns heard the format of those interviews they cancelled.

  • Bob Collins

    //But like I said, once the campaigns heard the format of those interviews they cancelled.

    Plural on campaigns?

  • I think a number of Krinkie’s tax proposals were just nonsense. I’d rather see local governments exempted from the state sales tax than give the one time election year rebate. That will give more $ to Minneapolis to focus on police protection, libraries, fixing roads, etc. That will also help keep property taxes down – and special assessments down.