Food fight in the 6th – Part IXXX

Up until now, I wasn’t planning on going to either the DFL or the GOP state conventions (although MPR I’m sure will be well represented). But now I’m thinking it may be worth working at least the GOP convention just to see the looks on the faces of the non-endorsed 6th Congressional District candidates as they stand their….all unified and everything….arm-in-arm…waving…. one big happy family.

I don’t see it happening. But maybe.

It’s just a darned nasty race, which is, of course, good for the news and blogging business.

Phil Krinkie fired another missile last night with this release:

Sen. Bachmann Continues to “Sand off the Truth”

Lie Number 1 — “I was the victim of DFL redistricting”

Michele Bachmann recently mailed a 20 minute video to delegates in the 6th Congressional District and in the video she described her 2002 match-up with DFL Senator Jane Krentz.

“I suppose it was a back-handed compliment to be the number one target of the Minnesota Senate Democrats.

“They redistricted me out of my Senate seat so I had to run in a completely new district against a 10 year DFL female incumbent.”

It was the court, not the Democrats, who drew the map for the 2002 elections. They created a new Senate district for Senator Bachmann with a higher GOP index than her old district and paired her with a DFL Senator. She went on to under-perform the rest of the GOP ticket by more than 10 percentage points.

There is no basis for truth in this statement. It is a lie.

Lie Number 2 — “I’ve run in heavily Democrat areas”

In a recent interview with Congressional Quarterly, Michele Bachmann discussed her electability:


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