1st 80F of June Tuesday? Heat building to the west

Searching for 80F

Talk about extreme opposites.

If you just landed in the New World called Minnesota in the spring of 2012, you would think you’ve arrived in heaven.

By this time last year we had 19 days of at least 80F…and 5 days in the 90s.

Fast forward to the Soggy Spring of 2013 and you would be on the next back boat to the Homeland.

We still have yet to hit 80F in the metro in June…and we’ve logged only 5 days at or above 80F so far this year.

There is finally some warmer weather on our radar this week at the Weather Lab.

Will the “coolish” trend continue this summer? Or will this turn into the “light switch” heat waves of 1983 when we slogged through a chilly spring only to bust out and log 29 days of 90-degree heat?

Place your bets.

1st 80F of June Tuesday?

The weather maps are looking better. Storng June sun and a warmer air mass nosing in from the west should force temps to pop the 80 degree mark by around 4pm Tuesday.

499 mn tue.png

Heat Builds West:

I saw 98 in Denver Monday…and 104 in northeast Colorado. The western heat wave is expanding eastward…and Minnesota will get a atase Tuesday…and later this week.

499 w heat.png

Tuesday night thunder south?

A wave of low pressure rides the edge of the heat dome Tuesday night into Wednesday AM. T-Storms may graze the metro…but will favor southern MN.

499 met.png

499 hpc.gif

A few of the storms could be severe along the I-90 corridor.

499 lse.png

Warmer week ahead:

Finally some sustained summer temps? The Euro brings a few bouts of clouds and a shower or two…but no major sustained cool wet weather this week.

499 euro2.png

Paul Huttner

  • Israel

    I came in late summer to early fall in Minnesota in 2011. I came from FL and lived there my whole life. (in fact, I had never seen snow before) Everyone called me crazy and said to be prepared. When winter passed, everyone said I was lucky but the summer was tolerable, I’ve been through a lot worse every summer in FL (except though the few 100+ degree days here in MN) I moved out of MN in fall 2012. Glad I didn’t stay this past winter or spring. Now in Lexington, KY.

  • Chris B. Critter

    It seems to me, that in a number of recent events, many people underforecasted the northward progression of a warm front coming from south of Minnesota. Predictions of precipitation accompanying such fronts has ended up farther north than predicted, across central MN versus southern (Twin Cities). Maybe I have selective memory about these things.

    Two questions: 1) Have you noticed this forecast trend, and 2) Do you think this is possible tonight?