MPR live blog: Storm favors SE metro; NW metro spared?

Update 11:15pm

Radar & model runs still support my earlier thinking about snow favoring the S & E metro, with little or no accumulation in the NW half of the metro.

-Latest Twin Cities radar loop

Expect snow in the SE metro into early AM Thursday…with some snow & slush covered roads for AM rush favoring S & E metro.

Update: 8:45pm

Looking at radar, satellite, surface and model trends tonight I’m making some major changes in the location of accumulating snow.

Drier air is eroding the NW edge of the snow band. If current trends continue, the NW half of the metro will escape significant snowfall accumulations.

463 raddy.png

Simply put, the storm is shifting east. Dry air is eroding the snow shield from the west…and pushing into the far eastern & southeastern metro this evening.

Based on these trends, I’m pulling the plug on any significant accumulating snow in the NW half of the metro.

We still may see some snow in the central and west metro overnight, but I don’t expect much on the way of accumulations that will stick on pavement and cause significant road/travel issues in the NW half of the metro.

Moderate to heavy snow is falling on the SE metro tonight with 1″ to 3″ already on the ground in Hastings & Hudson in the far east/SE metro, but most of the metro is rain/snow free with the back edge of precip running from near Stillwater to Woodbury to Farmington.

I am now expecting the band of 2″ to 6″+ to shift east and include only the SE portions of the metro area through morning. Most of the metro inner core including the downtowns will likely get some snow…but little accumulation.

Bottom Line: Some snow overnight favoring the SE half of the metro. Little significant accumulation NW half of metro. 2″ to 6″+ SE metro and beyond. Few problems for AM rush for most of the metro..but snow/slushy roadways in SE metro.

Get the latest updates here from the MPR Weather Lab & newsroom, and instant snowfall totals as they clear NWS wires.

  • Larry Greenstein

    Listening to classical MPR all day today and listening to Mr Huttner’s dire predictions of a massive snow storm was a joke. Why get people all upset about your silly predictions. Weather changes. You would think a weatherman would know that…….Mr Huttner you’re too dramatic for my idea of a weatherman.

  • Jonathan

    So stop listening Larry! The weather shifted it happens! Doesnt mean mean Pauls predictions are a “joke” as you put it. Storms this time of year are very very hard to pin point.