Slow moderation continues; 40s in our future

Nice summary of the upcoming weather from the NWS Office in Chanhassen, MN:


The unseasonably chilly temperatures have kept the severe weather threat to a minimum in 2013! Anybody recall hearing thunder recently?

Not much to write home about when it comes to mild spring-like temperatures, but we’ll be pleased to see readings in the 40s later this week.

In March of 2012, St. Cloud tallied 24 days of 40 F or better. So far, this March, the temperature has yet to reach 40 F. From January through March in 2012, St. Cloud recorded 35 days of 40 F or warmer. On January 5, 2012 the high temperature was 53 F in St. Cloud.

There has not been much of a run-up on the thermometer in 2013 over Minnesota.

Here’s some wishful thinking to urge on spring:


Image:Chanhassen Arboretum/Craig Edwards

Temperatures finally climb to near normal for daytime maximums by the end of the work week. Readings in the 40s are most likely to be found over a snow-free landscape in far southern Minnesota on Thursday and Friday.

Looking ahead to the weekend, I see another cold front approaching on Saturday. This front will usher in colder air and produce the chance for rain/snow showers.

The GFS model projects a bulls-eye of precipitation around the Twin Cities on Saturday morning. Temperatures are likely to be well above freezing as the precipitation falls.


GFS model for 1 p.m. CDT Saturday. Liquid precipitation for six hour period ending at 1 p.m. CDT.

Source:NOAA/College of Dupage

NOAA’s forecast of maximum temperatures for Saturday.


Local forecast highs for our neck of the woods on Saturday. Highs could be held done some if overcast skies persist.


Boy’s basketball tourney snow storm myth:

The Minnesota State Climate Office staff, with some preliminary work done by meteorologist Ron Trenda, posted the most recent data on the occurrence of a snow storm during the boy’s basketball tournament in Minnesota.

Here is one nugget that sums up the truth of the matter: From 1913-2012 10 years out of 100 had 4 inches or more of snow over “tourney time” (travel day plus the days of the tournament) This means that 10% of the tournaments had a “tournament snowstorm.”

A complete summary of the weather over the years for the Boy’s HS basketball tourney can be read here.

I’ll be tracking the potential “backslide” on the temperatures that may arrive later in the weekend.

Craig Edwards

  • Stir Crazy

    Let’s not forget the Como Conservatory, which began its spring flower show last weekend. It’s always so amazing to walk in there after a winter like this and smell burgeoning life. It actually brings tears of joy to my eyes.

  • Craig

    Crazy, you are so right about the Como Conservatory. How we all long for the fragrance of fresh flowers!