Sub-zero start; Cold gradually eases this week; +30F this weekend?

-43F at Geraldton, Ontario this morning north of Lake Superior

273 can.PNG

-43F to -44F in the core or the Arctic air mass this morning

Image: Environment Canada

-36F in Embarrass, MN this morning!

-35F in Cook this morning

-33F at Ely & Crane Lake

-12F at MSP this morning

-12F in Crystal

-26F metro wind chills bundle the kids for back to school today

1 cold thermo.PNG

Cold eases gradually this week, teens (above zero) return

+30F in the metro by Sunday?

Light snow chances possible Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday

+30F in Anchorage, Alaska this morning

80F in sunny Tucson, Arizona Monday and again today

21 days until pitchers & catchers report for MN Twins Spring training in Fort Myers

273 twins.PNG

Sub-Zero Start: Worst of the cold is (almost) over

There’s no easy way to sugar coat what is probably the coldest morning of the year in much of Minnesota.

It’s brutally cold out there. Tree crackin’ cold.

-36 in Embarrass, -35F at Cook and -33F at Ely & Crane Lake this morning in northern Minnesota? That’s respectable even for Minnesotans. To the rest of the nation it’s an “emergency condition”… downright insane.

One saving grace….we would have been about 10 degrees colder with a good, deep snow cover in the metro and southern Minnesota this morning.

Bundle the kids up good on the way back to school today. Even with lighter winds the chills are still approaching dangerous.

The mercury will stagger to near zero this afternoon in the metro and southern Minnesota, but remain (well) below zero “up north.”

This should be the coldest morning this week, and maybe the rest of the year.

In a month, spring will literally be right around the corner.

Hang in there!

Gradually Improving: Polar Vortex slides east

As the big brawling Polar Vortex over Hudson Bay slides east later this week, milder air will gradually filter into Minnesota.

273 pv.PNG

It will be a halting process…a little recovery Thursday, then a brief reinforcing shot Friday into Saturday morning.

273 ql.PNG

Southerly winds will finally take hold Saturday afternoon and last into Monday.

We should warm to near 30 Saturday in the south…and into the low 30s Sunday and possibly Monday.


Lewis Black on Minnesota: A little levity to ease the cold?

One of my favorite comedians, Lewis Black may have said it best about living in Minnesota on days like this. If you don’t mind a little profanity, (okay a LOT) then check this out. It’s rare insight on our extreme climate, and may give you a smile on what could be the coldest morning of winter.

Searching for snow:

17.2″ snowfall so far this winter at MSP Airport

12.5″ last winter to date

30.2″ average season snowfall to date

-13″ vs. average so far this winter (but +4.8″ vs. last winter)

I’ve talked with many of you who want some more snow. I hear you.

I have mixed feelings about our lack of snowfall this winter.

On one hand, it’s a relief to know I don’t have nasty ice dams building up on my roof that can send water into the house anytime soon.

The recent cold and snowless weather is great for outdoor ice…and my hockey buddies are happy we can skate outside this time of year on some quality ice. The organizers of local pond hockey tournaments are happy about that too. Great ice …and little or no snow removal.

I don’t mind missing a few bills from Howie the plow guy either.

On the other hand I’d love to enjoy the beauty of a fresh, snow covered winter landscape. I’d like to break out the cross country skis.

We have chances for light snow Thursday, Sunday and next Monday or Tuesday. Overall we may squeeze out an inch or two in the metro…and a bit more up north.

273 5 day snow.PNG

GFS 5-Day snowfall

If you’re looking for snow, check out conditions up north. International Falls has 14″ on the ground today. Duluth has 6″, with increasing snow cover as you head up the hill above Lake Superior toward Grand Marais & Ely.

273 sc.PNG

The “lake-effect” snow belts of northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s U.P. have done pretty well in the past week also.

Looking Ahead: Winter hangs tough

What snow we have should hang around for the foreseeable future.

A wintery chill returns next week…and could last into the first days of February.

Predictions of the demise of winter n Minnesota are greatly exaggerated this year.

Hang in there, grab a cup of hot cocoa and a good book or movie and enjoy.


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