Classic winter weekend; USA’s Top 10 extreme weather events of 2012

Classic January weekend for Minnesota 20s for highs

30s return for Monday on milder Pacific breezes

Green Bay vs. Vikings weather Saturday night Temps near 20F with light winds

224 grb.PNG

Thaw potential next week especially Monday & Thursday

224 wxs.png

Winter Classic:

This is the kind of classic winter weekend we’re famous for in Minnesota.

A mix of sun & clouds…a few flurries and temps in the 20s with a distinct chill in the night air. Outdoor ice rinks are in decent shape now. Here’s a look at the fresh ice…some of the best in years at Cottagwood ice rink in Deephaven Friday afternoon.

223 ice.jpg

Image: Paul Huttner – MPR News

Most lake ice is thick enough for ice houses (but not trucks). With a scant 3″ on the ground at MSP we could use more snow for winter recreation…but snowfall is pretty variable around Minnesota this weekend. If you look hard enough, you can find 6″ to 12″ to fire up the sleds.

224 sc.PNG

All weather & football eyes on Green Bay:

When I was a kid in Minnesota (oh wait… I still act like one) the Vikes made the playoffs and a run at the Suoer Bowl every year. Not lately.

So Saturday is a pretty special day in Green Bay.

The weather? Not a huge factor…but a pretty classic winter evening on “The Frozen Tundra.”

Here’s a look at the hour by hour “meteogram” for Green Bay.

224 grb met.PNG

Top 10 Extreme Weather events of 2012:

Climate Central is out with their “Top 10” lit for extreme weather events in 2012.

223 CC top 10.PNG

From unprecedented heat waves that shattered “Dust Bowl” era records from the 1930s, to Hurricane Sandy, which devastated coastal New Jersey and New York, 2012 was the year Mother Nature had it out for the U.S. No country on Earth rivaled the U.S. in 2012 in terms of extreme weather and climate events, as one rare episode after another rocked the country.

Many served to highlight the growing role that global warming may be playing in tipping the odds in favor of high-impact weather events.

I’m off to Texas for the 2013 Annual AMS Conference where I will be presenting about the Great Duluth Flood of 2012 next week. I’ll have a few live reports for All Things Considered, and Craig Edwards will be manning the weather lab.

Have a great weekend!


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