Warm & thundery week ahead; 25 years since Twin Cities “Superstorm”

MSP Quick look forecast:

95 ql.PNG

Hot steamy Monday – Hottest day of the week ahead

90s in southern Minnesota Monday afternoon

Tropical – steamy dew points in the 70s Monday

Rain & thunder threat increases Tuesday into Wednesday

25 years since the Twin Cities “Superstorm” of July 23-24, 1987

95 mon.PNG

Source: Twin Cities NWS

Heat Backs Off: “Coolest” stretch in nearly a month

Feeling a little better out there lately?

Even with dew points mostly in the sticky 60s, the heat has backed off noticeably in the past 5 days. No breathless headlines about unbearable, record heat necessary last weekend…it was almost summerlike.

Check out the recent run of days in the 80s including Friday-Sunday.

89F high temperature at MSP Airport Sunday

89F high temperature at MSP Airport Saturday

87F high temperature at MSP Airport Friday

84F high temperature at MSP Airport Thursday

83F high temperature at MSP Airport Wednesday

5 consecutive days with highs below 90 degrees

June 20-25th – last stretch of 5+ straight days without a 90 degree high

This week opens on a steamy note, 90s and dew points in the tropical 70s. It’s going to feel “sauna-like” Monday.

Growing Thunder Threat Mid-Week:

By Tuesday & Wednesday, the humidity will pool along a slow moving front. Scattered to numerous showers & T-Storms will break out Tuesday & Wednesday, with the best chance for heavy storms and much needed tropical downpours Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

95 qpf.PNG

Source: Iowa State University

The metro and southern Minnesota may see the most rainfall this week. That’s good, because the southern part of the state is one of the driest areas.

95 mn qpf.PNG

Source: http://wxcaster.com/gis-radar-overlays.php3?STATIONID=MPX

As the front sags slowly south, much of the Corn Belt will also see some precious rainfall. It may be too little too late to save some crops, but any rain will be welcome.

95 5 day.gif

Source: NOAA/HPC

25 years ago: Massive Twin Cities “Superstorm” floods SW metro

Where are you during the unforgettable Twin Cities “Superstorm?”

95 superstorm.PNG

Source: Twin Cities NWS/MN Climate Working Group

There are actually two separate heavy rainfall events 25 years ago. Check out the details from the Twin Cities NWS & the MN Climate Working Group.


  • We were here in Highwood Hills durning that torrential downpour. The rain was so heavy and so long that Springside Drive along side our house buckled up with huge chunks of pavement sticking in the air. The road had no level surfaces left for about two long blocks.