Rain douses fire danger; North Shore Rivers rage again

MSP Quick look forecast: (Click to enlarge)

41 ql2.PNG

Source: Twin Cities NWS


Duluth Quick look forecast:

41 dlh.PNG

Source: Duluth NWS

It takes a flood:

There really is no bad weather, just different kinds of “good” weather.

Your dock may be under water, but at least it won’t catch fire.

And so it goes with Minnesota weather.

A couple of weeks ago fire threatened to do some serious damage in Ely. Only the quick action of fire crews saved parts of Ely from a major disaster that day.

Now the rain has rivers roaring again, and lakes on the rebound.

Our May deluge has doused fire danger these days. Check out Wednesday’s updated fire danger map from the Minnesota DNR.

41 fire danger.png

Source: MN DNR

North Shore Rivers rage:

There’s something about Minnesota’s North Shore that just isn’t right when the rivers trickle instead of roar.

The roar is back.

Check out the flow rises on the Knife and Pigeon Rivers along the North Shore.

41 kinfe.PNG

Source: USGS

41 pigeon.PNG

Source: USGS

Speaking of the North Shore, I’ll be enjoying one of my favorite Minnesota places, Grand Marias, this weekend. I’ll be talking about Minnesota’s changing climate at the North House Folk School Saturday evening.

41 north house.PNG

(No..that’s not me in the owly photo)

I hope you can join us!